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Vinod Gupta’s Success Story And His Philanthropic Nature

About Vinod Gupta


Born in 1946, Vinod Gupta grew up in the in a village known as Rampur Manhyaran located in the North of New Delhi, India. He came from a humble background where growing up; there were no roads, electricity, toilets, running water, and cars. In 1964, Gupta was commissioned as a flying officer with the Indian Air Force in the Engineering Department. Vinod Gupta would later in 1967 finish his high school studies before joining the I.I.T., Kharagpur, where he did his Agricultural Engineering degree. What’s more, through one of his professors known as Dr. Splinter, Vinod Gupta was admitted to the University of Nebraska based in Lincoln, in the Agricultural Engineering Faculty.


Further, two years after landing in America, Vinod Gupta graduated with his Engineering Degree, and in another two years, he earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. After his education, Gupta moved to Omaha where he got a job with the Commodore Corporation as a Marketing Research Analyst. It is at this point that Gupta saw opportunities that built him into what he is today. Besides, he is a philanthropic soul and has donated a lot of funds such as scholarships and to his former institutions and in many other forms. Better still, he continues to give back to his community back in India where he donated $ 1 million in a women’s polytechnic school known as Ram Rati Polytechnic to Empower The Women in India.



About Vinod Gupta’s Work at the Everest Group


Over the years, Vinod Gupta tapped in the field of Information Technology and is now involved with database investment firm known as Everest Group. The company’s area of specialization is acquiring information using their database technology to help struggling companies to utilize the findings received to boost their businesses. Also, Vinod Gupta is recognized for offering employment to many where the former U.S. president Bill Clinton, even commended him for his devotion in providing jobs to many of the citizens. Go To This Page for more information.