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Ted Bauman’s Incredible Writing Skills Keep Him a Step Ahead of the Rest

Ted Bauman was a student at the State University of New York where he graduated in 1993 with a BS in Business Administration. He holds an MBA in finance from the George State University. While in South Africa, where he spent 25 years, he studied Economics and History at the University of Cape Town. His impressive academic credentials, as well as his vast experience in the economic world, have made him an invaluable member of the team editors at Banyan Hill Publishing.

He has worked at the publishing firm since 2013. He is well versed in asset protection as well as international migration issues. Ted Bauman also contributes articles on low-risk management practices. At the firm, he is responsible for the Alpha Stock Alert as well as the Plan B Club. He also edits the Bauman Letter.

His time in South Africa allowed him to be actively involved in the nonprofit sector where he took part in numerous housing projects including the Slum Dwellers International. He was a fund manager for most of such projects. He also got the opportunity to visit most of the Latin America area. This was courtesy of his engagements with Habitat for Humanity. Before leaving for Africa, he had enjoyed stints at Burger King and McDonald’s. He learned to appreciate the value of employees at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

Apart from his editorial position at Banyan Publishing, Ted Bauman also contributes to numerous leading journals. The United Nations has on numerous occasions sought his research and writing services to take care of pertinent issues raised from time to time. A number of agencies in Europe have also followed suit.

He insists on using narrative skills to engage your audience every time you pen down any article. This will inevitably help to grow a following that is sure to support one’s work. He is intrigued by the global economy and helps to come up with tangible solutions that could change the world. Ted Bauman has enjoyed large success in the career courtesy of his ability to manage time properly.

Ted Bauman is based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has dedicated his life to helping individuals make the most of the resources in their possession. He spends most of his times in research activities that will inform his subsequent articles.