Inmate Communication

Securus Offers The Better Prison Calling Service

We have used Securus many times to call friends in jail, and we started an advocacy group that uses Securus. There are many people who need the service, and I have shared it with them as many times as possible. I want everyone who is trying to reach someone in jail to have a way to call, and this article explains how Securus does the job do well.


#1: What Does The Service Do?


Securus works well over a simple Internet connection, and I have the app on my phone and tablet. There are quite a few people who will learn about Securus for the first time after having someone go to prison, and they will find the videos on the service are very easy to see. I have been pleased with them for some time, and I know others will appreciate how the system is put together.


#2: How Do They Help Others?


Securus has a voice recognition program that checks calls for those who are committing crimes. They have a database of information that will help them catch anyone who is a criminal, and they will use the information from the system to help the police in their investigations. It is quite important that every case is given the attention it deserves, and the Securus system provides the attention with no trouble at all.


#3: Are We Happy With Securus?


Securus has been quite helpful for our family, and I know they will continue to upgrade their service many times over the years. I feel much better knowing I may use Securus, and I may see everyone I want to speak to on a video from Jail.


The Securus advantage is in their commitment to the community. I enjoy using the service, and I feel better calling over video.