Inmate Communication

Securus Finds New Way to Fight Crime

For the law enforcement industry, finding a way to fight the war on crime is continuing to be a challenge. While new technologies and processes are released all of the time to help fight crime, criminals seems to become more evasive and knowledgeable about these new processes. Because of this, any company that is able to find a new way to fight crime is very valuable to the industry.


One company that has found a new way to prevent and solve crimes is Securus Technologies.

Securus Technologies is a company that is in the communications industry and provides a lot of products and services to the law enforcement industry. This includes a new video visitation platform, which is now used by thousands of inmates on a daily basis.


The video visitation service has been a great service for all stakeholders in a prison and lawn enforcement facility. While it has provided a lot of convenience to all involved, it can also be used to solve and prevent crimes. Along with simply providing the video chat platform, Securus Technologies also provides a full monitoring system. This process includes going through all calls that are flagged for suspicious communication or inmates that are under investigation. Unless the call was between a lawyer and an inmate, the call can be used as evidence in court. This process has been used as evidence in some active trials and has been used to prevent crimes from occurring inside the prison.