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Rodrigo Terpins Maintains Balance in his Passions.

Rally fans are familiar with the popular Brazilian driver Rodrigo Terpins, member of the Bull Sertoes Rally team and frequent Sertoes Rally competitor. Known as disciplined and consistent driver, Rodrigo Terpins’ racing career is punctuated by successive high placed finishes, solid driving skills and an active social media interaction with rally fans and competitors.

What is less familiar is Rodrigo Terpins’ business acumen. Once the Lojas Marisa’s director of operations, he spent 16 years overseeing the turbulent retail market of women’s clothing and is an expert in the retail industry, technical efficiency and customer focused social media programs.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Terpins maintained his love for competition and for the rally and in 2007 he decided to re-evaluate the number of hours he has spent as an executive. Unhappily noticing the time and energy his career was taking away from his life with family and rally, he realigned his priorities and brought his passions of family and racing to the forefront. Under this framework, Rodrigo began to restore the balance between his family, his love of rally and his executive roles.

While balancing the seemingly incongruent characters of executive and rally driver appear a complex task, both accomplished executives and rally drivers require a surprisingly similar set of characteristics and traits. Both roles necessitate quick thinking individuals, ones with the patience and the discipline to successfully navigate a long, sometimes gruelling, course, and a vast strategic vision. Check out mundoraiam.com to know more.

Currently the director of T5 Participacoes, Rodrigo Terpins is a participant in the companies continuing growth and success, but he is no longer a slave to his desk. Rodrigo Terpins has focused more time to his family and his love for rally than he has for his executive career, giving him a unique life balance as an executive and has become a role model for executives seeking a work life balance as well as rally fans everywhere.

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