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This articles focuses on Latin Lawyers, specifically Brazilian Law and Lawyers. Milk Tosto and Barros is recognized in as high end litigation law practice. This firm has a great reputation in the industry. They specialize in mass litigation and are currently concentrated in this practice. Ricardo Tosto is the most prominent attorney in the area- and his office was one of the first to offer mass tort litigation. Other practices are offered such as banking and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The skill of the firm is highly lauded. Milk Tosto and Barros is highly recognized in the banking field. Dr. Patrcicia Rios has commented on the Brazil market, and claims that it is great to find a law firm specializing in the areas that Milk Tosto and Barrios does.

There is a current case – discussing bankruptcy law in Brazil and this is of real important. The judge made a ruling in the case- generating a loss of more than $35 million and the case is on appeal. Consumer Law is another of the firm’s specialities and this has also been highlited. Sandra Lopomo is recognized as a tax lawyer in the firm. Flavio Maldonado is a corporate lawyer who has also achieved much.

Criminal litigation is also a speciality of the firm- there has been a big money laundering case in the area with the firm persuading Brazilian courts to overturn Swiss evidence in the case. Mario Silva Leite is a leading attorney on the case- that is currently at the Supreme Court.

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