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Norman Pattiz Demonstrates the Power of Podcast Advertising

PR Newsire stated that Norman Pattiz is the founder of Westwood one and PodcastOne. Westwood One is a radio network that has grown to become one of America’s largest radio networks thanks to Mr. Pattiz’ insightful leadership. His experience has seen him serve on the broadcasting board of governors of the United States America between 2000 and 2002.

This board oversees overall U.S non-military broadcasting services. While working in the BBG, he was responsible for conceiving and launching America’s Arabic language radio and television services to all of the Middle East.

PodcastOne has at least three hundred and forty hours of original programming every week and was founded by Norman Pattiz. Norman Pattiz, alongside Tom Webster, released the findings of comprehensive studies on advertising tests on five consumer brands at the national level testing on five service and product categories.

The study is the first to focus on post and pre campaign brand lift for product advertisers and was conducted in the last half year of 2016. The findings show that podcast advertising has a significant positive effect on factors such as the intent to purchase.

According to the announcement press release, at least 60% of the listeners talked about a specific grocery brand post campaign as compared to the previous study where such a response only constituted 7% of the listeners. Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://patch.com/georgia/atlanta/podcastone-ceo-norman-pattiz-reveals-networks-brand-lift-research-edison-researchers

There was an increase of 60% of awareness on particular campaign message for the ‘automobile aftermarket product’ from the pre-study to the post-study while that of a dining restaurant that is causal in nature rose by 76%.

Product awareness of financial services without any influence increased by 47%, 24% for garden and lawn, and 37% for automobile aftermarket.

Edison Research further conducted three studies each separate for Podcast one with an aim of examining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of Podcast for five brands at the national level with different levels of popularity; some well-known while others are not so popular.

An online survey was done on the audiences before running the advertising campaigns and another survey done 4-6 weeks after the advertising campaign using a similar methodology. The findings of this study is that the audience of podcast is receptive to the campaigns and are willing to purchase the brands. According to the founder of Podcast, the findings validate Podcast’s approach to measurement and advertising.