Kenneth Goodgame Is A Marketing Guru In The Hardware Retail Industry

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing expert. He is the chief merchandising officer of True Value Hardware Corporation. He also serves as the company’s senior vice president. The firm is headquartered in Chicago. Kenneth Goodgame joined the firm in 2013 after leaving Ace Hardware Corporation. Some of his successes at True Value include managing the company’s global purchasing, which is worth more than $ 2.2 billion. He also hired whole category management groups. Additionally, Goodgame transformed the low performance team of the company and created a high energy buying team. He developed a new end cap for the firm. More than 2800 stores supported it.

His achievements in the many firms that he has worked for previously, including Ace Hardware, Techtronic Industries North America, The Home Depot, and Newell Rubbermaid are unparalleled. Kenneth Goodgame played an integral role in growing and transforming operations in these firms. It is for this reason that he is respected as an operations management expert. Kenneth specializes in building OEM excellence. He combines smart business strategy with innovative marketing and streamlined financial management to achieve set goals.

In particular, Goodgame focuses on striking a balance between different factors, which leads to improved performance and profitability in a company. These crucial elements include key performance indicators, corporate alignment, quality assurance systems, and employee engagement. Over the years, Ken has offered leadership, which has resulted in operational excellence in various corporations. His expertise on quality improvements, composed negotiations and cost analysis has seen different companies enlist his services.

Kenneth Goodgame has been involved in numerous initiatives within the retail industry. He has created a new website for communicating with other professionals in the marketing industry. The website provides a great way to enhance knowledge, which could not be shared previously. In his profession, Goodgame has been involved in several other projects. It is for this reason that he has created a name as a committed professional. He seeks to drive initiatives and gets things done regardless of the situation. With his smart working ability and capacity to accomplish goals, Kenneth Goodgame continues to have a huge impact on the Hardware retail industry.

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