How Todd Lubar’s Legendary Financial Helped Underserved Clients in the Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in the mortgage industry. He commenced his professional real estate career in 1999 with an objective of helping others acquire affordable and quality properties. As a newbie in the sector, Todd acquired a loan originator role at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd Lubar spent a significant amount of time in the company interacting with financial planners, real estate agents, and insurance agents. The basis for these interactions was for him to develop business relationships. Todd advanced his professional career in 1999 after he held an equity position at the Legacy Financial Group. This post enabled him to broker loans to investors and offer lending services as a direct mortgage bank. See,

Legendary Properties LLC and Charter Funding

Todd created Legendary Properties with an objective of focusing his professional career into the real estate sector. The company invests in the purchasing, selling, and rehabilitation of residential properties. To date, Legendary Properties LLC has facilitated more than 200 real estate transactions. Todd also founded the company with an interest in establishing relationships with banks and other prominent lending institutions. He wanted to get a credit of twenty million dollars from banking institutions to run Legendary Properties.

According to, Todd Lubar is also the brains behind Charter Funding. The company operates as a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation, which is an American privately owned mortgage company. His affiliation with First Magnus enabled him to access a wide array of financial programs and products. After working in the financial market for 12 years, Todd Lubar noticed that there were a growing number of underserved clients. He decided to create Legendary Financial LLC to operate as an arm of Legendary Properties, LLC.

Legendary Financial provides companies and individuals with loans. As a commercial lending firm, Legendary Financial operates courtesy of the liquidity of Legendary Properties. Todd decided to allocate the liquidity to the lending company to help borrowers who could not access loans from other lending companies. Furthermore, his ability to examine the risks of loans based on market conditions has enabled Legendary Financial in garnering more clients.

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