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Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman

Paul Herdsman is an expert in consumer software and online customer acquisition. Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. Paul Herdsman had a degree from Florida Atlantic University and served as a middle-level manager before joining the NICE Global. Herdsman has skills in problem-solving, marketing skills and sales.


Paul Herdsman is cable of coming up with solutions to rising problems. NICE Global is a firm that opened in 2014 and is a nearshore business company located in Montego Bay in Jamaica. He is a family man who likes spending time with his family on a family tour and house chores. He is an excellent golf player and also enjoys fishing. Fishing for him is made easy since the place he works is in the shores.


He was the United States managing director of Dominican Republic, Honduras, Philippines, India. In the organization, Paul Herdsman created tremendous strain to proper utilization of resources. This job deemed challenging due to lack of enough funds to operate, and he came up with efficient ways to utilize the scarce resources. He is an entrepreneur who has built a firm in Jamaica, a country where he was born, managed people in the firm and utilizing the available infrastructure to cater to the people needs. This company helps other firms save cost while it comes to customer relation services. See This Page to learn more.


Paul Herdsman is an idealist who has always formulated ideas and brought them to live by implementing them. According to Paul Herdsman to come up with an organization that will thrive in the competitive economic world, you need to train your employees and educate them on the relevant issues that are required to drive the organization forward. This is done by familiarizing with the culture of the organization motivate the employees so that they will be happy to work and deliver to achieve the organization’s objectives. Herdsman believes that the success of a company starts with hiring employees who match what is needed by an organization.




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