Diversant Has A Bright Future

Mr. John Goullet is Principal of Diversant. It is an IT staffing agency. He say the idea to develop an IT staffing firm came to him about 24 years ago. He realized it was an easy or low barrier type of business to enter into. He founded Info Technologies in 1994 and served as Chief Executive Officer. He has worked as a computer consultant and IT staffing account executive.

Now that he owns his own staffing firm his days begin with working out at the gym. He works out for one hour than goes to the office by 8 a.m. He says there is a shortage of IT professional in the United State. We do not have enough graduates with IT skills. His firm researches what skills are in demand and tries to find the best candidates.

The growth of the high tech industry makes Diversant very successful. As long as they continue to deliver the best candidates the future is bright for the firm. John Goullet says that if he had to do it over he would have hire a board of advisors and invest more heavily in hiring and training. He tries to look at the best run IT recruiting agencies and emulate their practices.

He say that hiring the very best people and letting them have a piece of the firm develops success. He hires many trainees and invest in his employees. Building a company based on sales means hiring hundreds of qualified IT staff. He empowers his staff of associates with mentoring, training, and management skills.

He says that electronic medical records is a growing field that provides ample opportunities for technology companies. Another growth area is technology for emergency medical services. With so much growth in the industry opportunity in the years ahead abounds.