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California’s Innovation Stronghold is over, and Other Areas are proving to Have Innovative Culture; Says Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar, the founder of Sherpa Capital, has been ranting for the last 21 hours on twitter explaining himself on various aspects that he thinks will be affecting the market over the next few years. Individuals have been treated to what seems to be a prophecy of things that Shervin Pishevar believes will happen. However, it is surprising how the venture capital just appeared with loads of information given the circumstances that he left the company that he found after he was accused of sexual misconduct which included rape cases.

One of the twitter messages involved the Silicon Valley, the physical place in California that is associated with multiple innovations around the world. According to the venture capitalist, Silicon Valley no longer exists in California only, and it has spread across the world as well. Shervin Pishevar notes that innovation is boundless and no one should have a misconception that technological advancements can only take place in California. Although he attributes the sources of innovation and talent to Silicon Valley, no one should remain fixated that the region boasts the power and ability it used to have in the heydays.

Shervin Pishevar indicates that other regions have emerged and are doing better than what is currently done at Silicon Valley. Although Silicon Valley was mostly focused in driving technological change around the globe, other investment gurus and innovative experts are focusing on ensuring that innovation is being done in all areas of our daily lives which makes carrying out various operations easy. For example, numerous changes have been done in areas of transportation, energy, and medicine. Surprisingly, none of these innovations has been done at the Silicon Valley.

Shervin Pishevar notes that there are other Silicon Valleys around the world and they continue to emerge on a daily basis. Most of these innovative hubs are continuously developing in Asia, especially China and other developed countries in Europe. He also notes the development of mobile money transfer technology, which has nothing to do with Silicon Valley. According to him, innovation is an idea that develops in any part of the world and not Silicon Valley only.