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Betsy DeVos and her Continuous Philanthropic Acts

Betsy DeVos’ evolution as a philanthropist goes way back.


When Betsy was a student, she got into campus politics, and just then realized that she had a knack with people. As the years passed, she started to dedicated part of her life to give back to the community. Betsy DeVos always showed a charitable and philanthropic heart, and this would especially be seen in her actions in the future.


Being the field of education her passion, she started aiding people around her with projects related to the improvement of the system. Alongside her husband (Dick DeVos), she has done many good things and doesn’t plan to stop.


There are many projects on which Betsy DeVos has participated. Her philosophy on being a philanthropist is not only about donating large quantities of money, it is also about teaching people within the projects on how to fundraise and manage their institutions. An example of this practice is her contribution to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Betsy DeVos and her husband taught the art managers how to properly manage their fundraiser and cultural institution. On top of that, they donated $22.5 million to further help this center to grow. She also founded an international art competition to give the opportunity to talented competitors to win $500,000 cash prices. This action was done to incentivize people to perfect their crafts.


Betsy and Dick DeVos have contributed over $139 million in philanthropic projects, and that is without mentioning the fact that she has an unstoppable drive to get more young students into private schools with the creation of financial plans that facilities the payment of expensive schools, so they can strive for a better education.


Because of her constant donations to evangelical missions, hospitals, arts organizations, health related projects and her dedicated work to perfect charities and fundraisers Betsy DeVos is considered to be one of the most generous philanthropists in the planet.


Nowadays, Betsy Devos still leads a big fight in favor of a better education, being currently the Secretary of Education in Trump’s presidency. She gives aid to students who do not have the same chance as others with bigger monetary condition, but still want to enter a quality school.


This movement is what Betsy DeVos calls the “Educational Choice Movement,” and she has fought for these changes since she took this philanthropic quest to herself.


Her husband, Richard “Dick” DeVos, has helped her throughout her entire journey in this regard. Both of them form a philanthropical couple, one of the biggest and most influential ones in all of the United States. They have given more than a million dollars in charities throughout their careers, through their family foundation and also by individually funding noble causes.


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