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Betsy DeVos and Educational Power

Betsy DeVos is a smart woman in that she knows that her time on this gorgeous planet is limited. That’s the reason she seizes the day no matter what she does. She has established a charitable organization alongside her husband, too. It’s actually been functioning since the eighties. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is known for its plentiful contributions to culture, education, the arts and much more. Dick and Betsy DeVos regularly donate to all sorts of efforts through the assistance of the not-for-profit entity. Betsy has been married to Dick for many years and counting. They even have a handful of thriving children who are now well-rounded adults.


DeVos is the United States’ highly praised Secretary of Education. She has all of the credentials that are necessary to back up her job, too. President Donald Trump was well aware of that when he chose her in the first place. She’s been talking to the American public about educational choice matters for a long span of time. She’s been doing so for years prior to her hiring, too. She uses the aforementioned charity group to assist with all sorts of missions that relate to education in America. She wants future generations to be able to seize opportunities. DeVos graduated from the Midwest region’s Calvin College. She undoubtedly has a grasp of the sheer power of educational openings in society.


DeVos likes to be a poised and calm lady. People who have been lucky enough to chat with her are aware of her cool demeanor. She likes to show people the value of maintaining full ease at all times. This may be what pushes her to the top each day. She jumps out of bed in the morning full of determination. Her husband seems like he does that, too.


DeVos has a rock-solid working relationship with President Trump. People who witness the twosome in action can see that. DeVos likes to talk things through any time she gets the chance. She likes to listen to peoples’ opinions. She likes to get her own points across as well. She’s never been the type of woman to hide her feelings.


This woman discusses educational choice any time the chance emerges. Her desire is to help students in the United States acquire the educational routes they need so much. She wants families to have more say over their kids’ educational paths and overall futures.


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