Attorney Karl Heideck Offers Legislative Insight On Business

Karl Heideck Offers Legal Insight
Karl Heideck Offers Legal Insight

For residents of Pennsylvania, business is a massive constitution of the economy. While there is an outburst of small businesses in Pennsylvania, there is hardly a requirement of licenses. This, however, does not mean that business professionals are above the law. As an entrepreneur in Pennsylvania, it is important to take into consideration the required standards of operations. With the constant evolution of labor laws, it is vital to conform to the changing regulations ahead of legislation. According to Karl, some factors control the rules of business.


The law of employment provides a broad scope. This scope incorporates multiple practices. Among the regulations are workforces that bind an individual to the type of industry or the particular business model. A good illustration can be depicted from employing minors. In such scenario, the employer must adhere to the law of child labor prominently known as CCL. Other work provisions are classified in different clauses and must be observed in business operations.

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Minimum Wage

The law of minimum age applies to the rules of paying employees. Prominently known as FLSA, this bill highlights the practices of providing minimum wage to workers. This law covers over time as well as tabulation and recording. According to, this is in regards to the work hours and the duties of the employees to post the wage requirements at work. FSLA controls minimum wage. It is, however, critical to note that the federal rules do not supersede state laws.

Medical Leave Act

Known as FMLA, this statute ensures that employees have the permission to take a break when there is need to attend to medical cases. On medical leave, the employer does not have to pay the employee. According to Karl Heideck, another point to note on this clause is that the employer is not allowed to penalize the employee.

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